Paired t-test dependent sample

paired t-test

In this tutorial we will discuss paired $t$-test, assumptions for paired $t$-test and step by step procedure for paired $t$-test. Paired $t$ test is also known as dependent sample t-test. Paired t-test dependent sample Let $X_1, X_2, \cdots, X_n$ and $Y_1, Y_2, \cdots, Y_n$ be two dependent samples each of size $n$ with respective means …

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Paired t-test calculator dependent sample examples

paired t-test calculator

Paired t-test calculator with examples In this tutorial we will discuss some numerical examples on paired $t$-test (dependent sample $t$-test). paired $t$-test calculator The $t$-test calculator for testing two population means makes it easy to calculate the test statistic, $t$ critical value and the $p$-value given the sample information, level of significance and the type …

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