Inter Quartile Range Calculator for grouped data with examples

IQR Calculator for Grouped Data

Inter Quartile Range for Grouped Data Calculator Use this calculator to find the Inter Quartile Range for grouped (frequency distribution) data. Calculator Inter Quartile Range Calculator (Grouped Data) Type of Frequency Distribution DiscreteContinuous Enter the Classes for X (Separated by comma,) Enter the frequencies (f) (Separated by comma,) Calculate Results Number of Observation (N): First …

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Inter Quartile Range calculator for ungrouped data

IQR Calculator for Ungrouped Data

Inter Quartile Range for ungrouped data Inter quartile range is the difference between the third quartile $Q_3$ and first quartile $Q_1$. It is a good measure of spread to use for skewed distribution. Inter-quartile range (IQR) is given by $IQR = Q_3-Q_1$ where, $Q_1$ is the first quartile $Q_3$ is the third quartile The formula …

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