Moments coefficient of kurtosis using R with examples

Moment coefficient of Kurtosis Using R

In this tutorial, you will learn about what is moment coefficient of kurtosis and how to calculate moment coefficient of kurtosis in R. Moment Coefficient of Kurtosis The literal meaning of kurtosis is peakedness or flatness of the data. The kurtosis measures how peaked or how flat the histogram is relative to the bell-shaped histogram. …

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Moment coefficient of kurtosis calculator for ungrouped data

Kurtosis calculator for Ungrouped Data

Kurtosis Kurtosis is the peakedness of a frequency curve. Even if two curves have the same average, dispersion and skewness, one may have higher (or lower) concentration of values near the mode, and in this case, its frequency curve will show a sharper peak (or flatter peak) than the other. This characteristics of a frequency …

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Moment coefficient of kurtosis calculator for grouped data

Kurtosis Calculator for grouped data

Moment coefficient of kurtosis for grouped data Let $(x_i,f_i), i=1,2, \cdots , n$ be given frequency distribution. The mean of $X$ is denoted by $\overline{x}$ and is given by $$ \begin{eqnarray*} \overline{x}& =\frac{1}{N}\sum_{i=1}^{n}f_ix_i \end{eqnarray*} $$ The moment coefficient of kurtosis (also known as Pearson’s moment coefficient of kurtosis) is denoted by $\beta_2$ and is defined …

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